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Bryce Harley, MMA Fighter

I believe I met Dr. Stacy 4 years ago when I was suffering from two bulging discs and a herniated disc due to years of abuse from wrestling and mixed martial arts. I was in so much pain at one point that I was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers just to get through the day.

After seeing Dr. Stacy 2 times a week for 2 or 3 months along with physical therapy once a week I was able to not only stop taking the medication, but I was also able to continue training and competing again. Not only did she help me while I was physically in her office but she also gave me exercises and stretches that I could do on my own for added results. I’ve recommend multiple team mates of mine to Dr. Stacy and I’d say with full sincerity that she really turned my life around and got me back into the gym when a lot of people thought my career was done.

Ariane Wolf

Dr. Stacy is simply amazing. I went to her for the first time when I was pregnant and my back went out. She worked her magic on me and I felt instant relief. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and she took amazing care of me. Once I had my daughter, I continued to see her.

She is also beyond amazing with babies! My daughter was very colicky and she would scream and cry every time we were in the car, but under regular care of Dr. Stacy it really helped her. Dr. Stacy is wonderful at what she does and is very knowledgeable in field. I’m forever thankful for her!

Bekah Morgan

After 2 years of chronic neck pain, having previously sought both chiropractic treatments and massage, I was still desperately seeking relief. I was so thankful to get adjusted by Dr. Stacy Rapp! Not only did she alleviate some pain on my initial adjustment, but after my following her treatment plan I walked out pain free for the first time in 2 years! I can not say enough about Dr. Stacy, she’s the best!

Sherri Bobbitt – Director Regional Marketing

Dr. Rapp greatly helped to alleviate my headaches by the evaluations and adjustments she performed on me. I rarely have headaches any longer. Her thoughtful and purposeful evaluation has proven to be the best Chiropractic care I have ever been given. Have followed her for years.

Ashley Zimmerman

Dr Stacy is the best chiropractor my family and I have ever been to! My kids loved going, and of course so do I! She’s compassionate, professional, and really gets down to the root of the problem. I am a certified doula, and I have recommended my pregnant clients to her for years. She’s worked miracles with some of these moms! She’s truly called to do this work, and does a phenomenal job each and every time.

Kristy Wilson – CPM

I’ve had chiropractic care for most my previous 6 pregnancies. A bad hip and sciatica pain kept me uncomfortable during all of my the third trimester. I found Stacy to fix me during my 7th pregnancy. She was amazing because with her care, I was able to keep working until my baby was born. I have referred many other pregnant Mamas to Dr. Stacy as well. Thank you for always taking care of us!

Amanda Morrison

I was nervous and avoided seeing a Chiropractor. Dr. Bone-Rapp came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. She is THE BEST!