Benefits of Chia Seeds

As a healthy eater, you do need to consider chia seeds. Chia seeds are edible seeds filled with beneficial nutrients. The seeds contain an immense amount of omega-3 fats, proteins, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and carbohydrate. Chia seeds can be used as flavor when you grind and add to your food dish.

Do you want to know the nutritional benefits of chia seeds? Then Read on!

Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds

1. Excellent source of Omega-3: Omega-3 fat is a healthy nutrient for brain development, and chia seed is an excellent source. It is associated with some psychological factors that help deal with anxiety and depression.

2. Lowers blood pressure: A research study shows that the intake of grounded chia seed helps reduce blood pressure. This is due to the presence of alpha-linolenic acid and minerals that aid the transport of blood.

3. Improves fiber intake: With many food sources out there, you can hardly get one with a rich fiber source. It is known that adequate fiber intake helps with your gut health. Now, chia seeds have a high fiber content of around 3.5 ounces in 100 grams and can reduce the risk of diabetics, constipation. Also, the excellent water-absorbing capacity of fiber helps reduce food gluttony.

4. Aids blood sugar control: One of the dictates of optimal health is achieving excellent blood sugar levels. Studies on different animals have shown that chia seeds improve blood sugar control by curbing body factors that induce insulin resistance. There is a reduced risk for diabetic type-2, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome with good blood sugar control.

5. Good protein source: The presence of high protein content in chia seeds helps reduce appetite. This makes it an essential recipe for weight loss. However, chia seeds are unlikely to reduce weight loss on its own; you may need it to supplement weight-loss diets.

6. Presence of essential bone nutrients: Chia seeds have several mineral nutrients in them. Some of these nutrients are vital for bone health and development. It includes calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. From these nutrients, calcium cones with the highest percentage in chia seeds even higher than dairy products.


Chia seeds is a superfood diet worthy of consideration as it proves to be highly beneficial. They can be eaten in an unmodified form or added as spices to other food ingredients. In all, you can be assured of various nutritional and health benefits that come from its quality nutritional profile.

This article brought to you by Daron Stegall, DC. Dr. Stegall is a practicing Keller chiropractor at Express Chiropractic in Keller, Texas.

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