At some points in life, 80% of adults experience back pain. So you are not alone if you have back pain. While back pain can be treated with medications, surgery, physical therapy and more, the use of the inversion table to manage back pain and even improve back health may be a valid approach.

Most people have a lot of questions about using an inversion table. These include, can an inversion table help with back pain? How often and how long should I invert? Is an inversion table good or bad for me? These and other questions will be addressed below. Read further!

How Does An Inversion Table Work?

An inversion table is one type of inversion therapy where a person takes on an upside-down, or at least head below the level of the feet, posture. The head is tilted in a downward position on a padded table connected to a metal frame with hinges. To know how an inversion table works you need to understand a little anatomy of your back. The back has spinal bones that have joints connecting them. Between each spinal bone is an inter-vertebral disc. The spinal bones protect the spinal cord and allow movements like bending, standing upright, twisting and rotating.

The discs function as a shock absorber and also create spaces between spinal bones for nerves to branch out. The discs and joints can suffer from micro-trauma, and it can also get compressed and degenerate prematurely. When this happens, the disc cannot easily heal because it has a limited supply of blood.

An inversion table may help. It works by essentially by stretching and decompressing the discs and joints of the spine. Some of the debatable benefits are:

  • It helps to improve the amount of nutrients and blood that flows in the spinal column
  • It separates spinal bones slightly relieving joint and disc compression and thereby reducing nerve pressure

Is An Inversion Table Healthy To Use?

If you want to know if an inversion table is good or bad for you to add as part of your spine health maintenance regimen, there are two factors to consider.

  • Does it alleviate any of the pain you are experiencing? If it does, then it is likely right for you.
  • Does the function improve your overall function? If your ability to lift, bend and sit comfortably is improved then that is a good sign.
  • Does it help you adjust better at the chiropractor? If yes, then it is likely having the desired effect of improving stuck joints.

No doubt, these factors are only considerable and useful if you get the table and use it for some time.

A Simple Protocol of Using an Inversion Table

Even though an inversion table will likely come with a recommended procedure to follow here are some few recommendations for you based on the in-clinic decompression therapy success.

How to Start:

  • If you are using it for the first time, start slowly and don’t exceed what your body can take.
  • Start by inverting (turning ‘upside down’) at about 15 degrees and hold for 30 seconds. In this position your head will be just below the level of your feet.
  • Come back to horizontal for 10 seconds. This will help you exert a little gravity on your spine. Then repeat the process of inverting 30 seconds followed by going back to horizontal for 10. Repeat 10 times in total.
  • Continue this process for the first week of usage.

Once you are used to the effects of the table you can start to invert further. You can start maintaining an inverted position between 15-45 degree for a minute and going back to the horizontal position for 20 seconds. You can do this three days a week.

When coupled with diet, exercise, hydration, and chiropractic, you are going to get the best result from using the inversion table.

If you are unsure, discuss how often and how long you need to invert by talking to a chiropractor or physical therapists or just ask us at Express Chiropractic & Wellness in Fort Worth Texas.

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The Inversion Table pictured is from Relax the Back. It is a bit more expensive but is a great table if not the best on the market.