Chiropractic care has a long history of effectively eliminating lower back and neck pain. But most people don’t understand the incredible benefits of a chiropractic adjustment beyond pain relief.

As you probably guessed, your nerves play a vital role in how your body functions.

Your nerves form a system of super-highways that send message from the brain to body telling it what to do and how to function while also receiving messages from the body letting it know how it’s going down there.

This is why all your nerves collectively as called a ‘nervous system.’

If you touch a hot iron, the nerves in your finger send a message to the spinal cord and brain that lets them know you just touched a something hot. The brain and spinal cord send a message back telling your arm muscles to tighten up – contract – so that it will pull your hand away.

Now this all happens quickly with messages moving across the nerves at speeds exceeding 220 miles per hour.

There are More than Just Pain Nerves

Many people don’t realize that not all nerves are just sensing pain and telling you to pull your hand away from a hot iron. As a matter of fact, less than 15% are ‘pain nerves.’

There are also nerves that plug into muscles and tell them when to tighten up along with how fast and hard to contract allowing everything from standing to walking and even blinking!

There are still different nerves that have an indirect but important impact on your non-vital organs as an integral part of telling them what to do as well as sending messages back letting your central computer system (brain and spinal cord) know how it’s going.

How Chiropractic Care Impacts Your Nervous System

The most common condition seen in our Express Chiropractic Fort Worth office is something called a Subluxation (Sub-lux-a-tion).

A subluxation is a loss in proper alignment and motion of one or more spinal bones resulting in the nerves that branch off the spinal cord becoming irritated, compressed or compromised in some way.

If the nerve getting compressed or irritated transmits pain signals in the body, then you will typically experience pain.

If, however, the nerve that is getting compressed or compromised plugs into muscles, you could experience weakness in the muscles.

And, of course, if the nerve getting affected has influence on any number of the various non-vital organs in the body then you could have issues related to your ‘automated’ organ function and not even realize that is the problem. You could be taking medications to control the symptoms associated with the effects of the organ not functioning correctly and never even realize the actual cause of your problem is not the organ itself but the fact that it is not receiving proper nerve signals input and thus over time stops functioning optimally.

The reality is that you could have subluxated spinal bones impacting your nerves and body in a negative way and never know it because there isn’t ‘pain’ associated with it.

So the next time you get a chiropractic adjustment realize you are not only restoring proper motion in spinal joints but also restoring proper flow of nerve impulses.

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