Find Your Gratitude This Valentine’s Day

As the start of this New Year, at Express Chiropractic we are focusing on GRATITUDE. As we see it…we have many things to be grateful for including each other and of course our amazing practice members.

We are Express Chiropractic because of OUR patients.  We love and appreciate that you look to us for the maintenance and health of your spine and body.

You entrust not only your own health, but your family’s health to us too.  For your love and support, we are grateful.

What are you grateful for?  Sometimes we need to alter our perspective a little to realize how fortunate we actually are.

Its easy to forget how fortunate we are to have even just our basic needs met.

House to clean = Safe place to live

Dishes to wash = Food to eat

Laundry = Clothes to wear

Crumbs under the table = Family meals

Noisy house = People in our life

Crazy, Busy, Noisy Express office… A lot of Kids and Families doing something healthy 🙂 – We Love this one! There is nothing like the energy of a busy office.

Express Chiropractic Fort Worth Now has a gratitude jar at the front desk. Feel free to drop in a note for something you are grateful for in 2019. Or take it a step further at create a jar for yourself at home, drop in a note at least once a week and at the end of the year sit down and read them and remember how good your year actually was!

Have a great Valentine’s Day and a healthy, happy and productive 2019.

The article is brought to you by your local chiropractor in Fort Worth and staff at Express Chiropractic Fort Worth.



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