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First Visit
First Visit

At Express Chiropractic Fort Worth, we improve your health by restoring the proper motion and function of your vertebrae (spinal bones) thereby reducing pressure or irritation of nerves, joints and discs in the area

If this is your first visit to an Express Chiropractic location or your first time to visit a chiropractor altogether, you may be unsure about what to expect.

While the doctor at each location may use slightly different approaches to improving your spinal joint motion and health, rest assured that your chiropractor is:



Courteous and Compassionate

Up to date on the latest techniques

The doctor will make sure you are a good candidate for an Express Chiropractic office by first listening to any symptoms or conditions you are experiencing followed by an evaluation of your spine.

Any subluxated vertebrae – spinal bones that have lost proper motion or alignment – will be explained and then adjusted to help remove any pressure on the surrounding nerves (which is often what is leading to pain and other symptoms).

An adjustment is light to moderate pressure in the area where subluxated spinal bones (or other areas such as ankles and elbows) are found. The adjustment will help restore the proper alignment and motion.

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*If you plan to come to the office as a new patient within 1 hour of closing time for lunch or for the evening, please call prior to arriving so that we can make sure there is enough time for you to be seen.

*Offer valid for new patients only and may not be combined with other promotions. No cash value. Results may vary. This offer may not apply for Medicare eligible patients. Contact the location you are visiting for hours and offer details.