Keep Your Head in the Exercise Game

At Express Chiropractic Fort Worth and Keller we are often prescribing home exercises and we know one of the hardest things to do is to stay excited and motivated in an exercise program.
It is always fun embark upon the new journey, but it can go from exciting to boring pretty quickly.
While we all know it is important for our health and well-being it is not always easy to continue.

The monotony of same ol’ – same ol’ can destroy our ability to enjoy what we are doing. There are so many ways to change up your exercise routine to keep your brain in the game.
Here are some tips from noted exercise guru Elizabeth Quinn to put some variation in your program.

  1. Hire a Trainer – Trainers create ‘paid’ accountability which is a highly motivating factor. Remember a good trainer can design a challenging program to fit your needs. Be careful and check to make sure a trainer has an accredited certification before signing on.
  2. Track Your Progress – Begin to write your program down so you can see your progress. It’s also a good way to set new goals. i.e. “Do 25 pushups by January 1st.”
  3. Change It Up – Sometimes if you change your routine, where you work out, or the time of day it can kick start a “new beginning.” Eventually, you can go back, but a different way is sometimes energizing.
  4. Workout with a friend – Exercising with someone can increase the quality of the workout it’s a great way of having some accountability for ‘free.’ Also, if you encourage someone else to exercise, it might remind you of all the positive reasons you began yourself and thrusts you into a leadership role.

These are just a few simple hints to revitalize your workouts if they are sagging a little. Exercise is important for so many aspects of your health.

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