Kids and Chiropractic will be a common theme here.  Why?  Because many people, even the best patients who “get” the importance of regular care, often don’t quite understand the benefits for children.  One of the very simple reasons is kids fall… a lot.

My daughter is 9months, she is apparently determined to walk even earlier than her big brother.  She pulls herself up on whatever she can find, takes a few timid, wobbly steps on those chunky legs, and inevitably… plops back onto her booty.  Did it hurt, probably not.  Does she need to be adjusted every few days while she is figuring this out, definitely.  Chiropractic helps to restore proper motion and function throughout the body, no matter the age.

grow Ushering in the toddler phase means falling about 38 times per day, and that is the average two year old. In a study of 130 toddlers, between 12-19 months, toddlers fell an average of 17 times per hour.  If they were just learning to walk that number jumped as high as 69 times per hour!

Chiropractic care for children is gentle, safe and effective.  At Express Chiropractic Fort Worth we treat children of all ages.

Source: How Do You Learn to Walk?  Thousands of Steps and Dozens of Falls Per Day New York University