Ready to see if Express Chiropractic & Wellness can help you? Your first visit is only $39 and includes:

  • Consultation and Examination
  • Posture assessment (Scoliosis screening for kids 7 to 17)
  • Full explanation of all findings and care recommendations
  • First Adjustment [Note: We utilize various adjustment techniques depending on your condition and comfort level]

We recommend calling before you come in for your new patient visit to ensure we are not full for the day and so we can help you find a time to stop by that is typically less busy.



Initial Evaluation & Adjustment

Introductory Offer!


Whether you need several visits to get your spine back on the right track or an occasional visit to maintain a healthy spine and prevent problems from sneaking up on you… We’ve got you covered.

Additional visits are just $39 and you can save money by buying a block of visits or save even more with one of our Wellness Club Plans.


$39 per visit

Evaluation & Adjustment



Enjoy the savings and convenience of pre-paying for visits.

At Express, we say why pay $39 a visit when you can pay $27 a visit?! We don’t really say that but it’s kind of true.

The great part about pre-paid visits is you can use them when you need them and they don’t expire for 18 months!


$269 (Less than $27 per visit)

Enjoy the savings & convenience of pre-payment for visits.


Have a muscle that needs loosening up but just don’t have the time or money to invest in a full massage? Our massage team may be the answer you’re looking for. All massages are delivered as a 10-minute Express Muscle Relief Therapy session.

  • Focused specifically on the areas you need
  • All muscle work is catered to your individual tolerance
  • We do all the work…you just relax and focus on YOU
  • No undressing required
  • Only $12 per 10-minute session when you get an adjustment the same day or are on a Wellness Club plan


$15 per 10 minute session

The Express Problem Focused Massage


Need more massage time? Upgrade to a * 20-minute session for only $10 additional provided there is not anyone waiting for a massage. MRT sessions are subject to availability and especially as we approach closing time so don’t wait until it gets too late! All chiropractic care is provided by licensed chiropractors. Upon request, unused visits are partially refundable upon the cancellation of any membership or prepayment plan.


Wellness Club Plans

The Express Wellness Club is a convenient and cost-effective way to keep yourself or your entire family well-adjusted. With no long-term contracts and no startup fees, these simple membership plans allow you to stop by and see your local Express Chiropractor for a checkup a few times a month or a couple of times a week.

Express makes it easy to ensure you get the amount of care you need at one low monthly price.

The Maintenance Plan

$59 per month

  • No Upfront Fee or Long-Term Contract
  • Up to 3 visits per month with any needed additional visits for just $15
  • 30% off the full priced Express Massage services
  • Add additional family members at a discount
    $40 | $20 | $20
  • Up to 20% off on products like ice packs and Biofreeze

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The FreedomFlex Plan

$99 Up to 8 visits

  • No Upfront Fee or Long-Term Contract
  • The freedom and flexibility to come in more frequently for care
  • 30% off the full priced Express Massage services
  • Add additional family members at a discount
    $60 | $40 | $40 | $40
  • Up to 20% off on products like ice packs and Biofreeze

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Which Plan is Right for Me?

If you come to see us with a problem and want to correct the underlying condition, then you may require more frequent care the first month or two. In this case, the FreedomFlex Plan is a great payment option to start with. As you need less care then you will be ready to move to the Maintenance Care Plan. You can switch between plans at any time giving you an easy, affordable payment option based on the amount of care needed.

Chiropractic Access Whenever You Need It

The Maintenance Plan includes 3 visits per month. The FreedomFlex Plan includes 8 visits per month depending on the location. You can switch between plans at any time.

*At Express there are no long-term contracts. If you want to join one of our awesome wellness plans we simply ask you stay on at least 3 months so you can see the true benefits of regular chiropractic care…beyond pain relief. However, the reality is you can stop whenever you want because we don’t want you on a plan if you don’t believe it is benefiting your health or even just feel it’s not the right fit for you.