Steps your Fort Worth Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure Safety Now Includes Electrostatic Cleaning

At Express Chiropractic Fort Worth, your safety is our top priority. To further our commitment we have added Electrostatic Cleaning in the office at regular intervals.

As an essential business, our office remains open during the pandemic while continuing to follow physical distancing and other safety precautions.

Below are additional steps we are taking to ensure a healthy, safe chiropractic and massage experience.

  • Electrostatic Spraying through DNS Cleaning Solutions. Learn more here
  • All Doctors and Therapists are wearing protective masks
  • Sanitizing shelves and the adjusting tables after each customer visit
  • Wiping down door knobs and other touch points at regular intervals
  • Physical Distancing with a limited number of customers inside the office at any time

*Please wear your mask into the office and during your adjustment or massage.

Together we can ensure you get the chiropractic care you need in a safe environment. If you have any questions or concern please let us know.

If you are seeking a ‘chiropractor near me’ or ‘fort worth chiropractor’ then check out Express Chiropractic Fort Worth. Always licensed chiropractors and affordable, convenient care.

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