Our nervous system is pretty incredible.  We really don’t give it enough credit.  The nervous system is the MASTER SYSTEM of the body.  It controls every single function in your body.  Most patients I talk to only think of nerves causing pain.  They do so much more!  Actually only about 10% of our nerves transmit a pain signal to the brain.  The other 90% send signals to and from the brain and body, controlling muscles, digestion, heart rate, breathing, telling your brain where your foot is in space while walking, focusing on an object in the distance… like I said, everything.

nervous-system-2This leads us to the importance of regular chiropractic care, and not just when you have pain.  If you only go to the chiropractor when you have pain you’re only listening to 10% of your nervous system.  Your nervous system is not just your nerves, it is also your brain and spinal cord.  It is important to understand the spinal cord located INSIDE your spine. Seeing a chiropractor regularly to check that your spine is free of subluxations (loss of proper joint motion) is a crucial part of your spinal, and overall, health.  If the spine and each joint is not moving properly this can cause irritation of the nerves as they branch off of the spinal cord.  Resulting in a laundry list of issues for the body… not just pain.

At Express Chiropractic Fort Worth we diagnose and treat the subluxation. We do not diagnose or treat other conditions, however the list of conditions patients notice improve as a result of restoring proper joint function is continually growing: improved sleep, clearer thinking, regular bowel movements, kids getting off ADD medication, kids able to run and play without fear of asthma attacks, a positive pregnancy test after years of infertility, and so many more!  My husband has Cystic Fibrosis, it’s a chronic lung disease that is genetic.  He gets adjusted regularly not for pain but to remove the multiple subluxations throughout his back that are a result of frequent coughing, he is able to breathe deeper and clearer as a result of restoring the signal from the nervous system to his lungs.  Pretty cool!  What improvements will you notice with regular chiropractic care?